Who I am

I'm a software developer with specialization in datascience and machine learning. Specifically I help companies take advantage of their data and help them develop intelligent software to be put in production. I currently work as a data scientist at e-conomic with the goal of automating accounting.

I have experience working with:
  • Predictive modelling
  • Deep neural networks
  • Clustering algorithms
  • Network analysis
  • Map Reduce and Spark
  • Topic modeling
  • Recommender systems


5 important Python Data Science advancements of 2015

15-12-2015 (Medium)

A little summary of the (in my opinion) most important advancements in the Python Data Science community of 2015.



Scrollable D3 graph visualization

I needed a cliché data science background visualization for this website. So I decided to take a look at the D3 javascript visualization library and create somethink on my own. Check out the example and get the code on Github.

Visual art installation controlled by a Kinect

Distortion is a big four day music festival in the heart of Copenhagen. I had the pleasure of creating an interactive visual art installation that was controlled by the audience using a Xbox Kinect. The installation worked surprisingly well and it was great fun showcasing it to happy party people. Check out the video showing how it is controlled, or the video of the art installation in action.

Timetable randomized optimization framework

Timetable optimization can be a super complex non-convex optimisation task. One class of timetable optimization is the Curriculum-based University Course Timetabling. This Java framework implements a fast delta-evaluation (fast computation of the cost of a timetable instance given another instance and the difference between them), and makes is easy to apply any meta-heuristic random search on top of it. Get the code on Github.

Python module for hidden Google Finance API

When I was playing around with quant analytics for trading stock in the stock market I found a hidden API for querying financial news artikles. This is a module that builds on top of this hidden API. The code is on Github.